Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank You For Your Support

I would like to thank all of the 574 people who voted for me in the Hudson Mayor's race. It was because of you that I won in three of Hudson's five Wards, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd along with a virtual tie in the 4th. 

But it was not enough to overcome the vote for my opponent in the 5th Ward. 

I brought up the issues that I think would help make Hudson a better place for all of its citizens. I am proud of the race I ran and happy for all of the amazing people I met and new friends I made on the campaign trail.

I remain committed to those issues and will continue working for smarter, better, greener and more inclusive solutions for all of Hudson. 

A group of us will be discussing ideas on how to have greater success in two years. If you would like to participate in those discussions, feel free to contact us at

My sincerest thanks to all of the volunteers, contributors and supporters who helped us get as far as we did this time. 

Onward for Hudson!

Victor Mendolia

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Compare The Plans

During the campaign for Mayor in Hudson this year, the voters were denied the chance to compare the candidates positions at a debate. So we are left to compare what is out there. It's like comparing apples and oranges.

Victor Mendolia has published an extensive agenda with his plan for Hudson. His detailed agenda includes plans for Hudson's waterfront, truck route issues, green initiatives, job training program and much more. Read it here.

William Hallenbeck's "Priorities" include 8 points and is a grand total of 13 sentences. Read it here.

@Issue September 18 Victor Mendolia's interview with host Tom DePietro on WGXC can be heard here.

@Issue October 31 William Hallenbeck's interview with host Tom DePietro on WGXC can be heard here.

Both candidates participated in 10 questions videos hosted by Greg Mosley.

These are the ten questions that were asked:
  1. What are your priorities if elected mayor of the City of Hudson?
  2. How would you solve the small city challenges?
  3. What would your plans be for the waterfront?
  4. How would you address the issue of gentrification and diversity in Hudson?
  5. What's your take on the number of elected officials?
  6. How would you address the issue of housing and the lack of affordable housing?
  7. What would you do about the budget? What would you do to increase the budget?
  8. What would you do to improve the police department, if it needs improving?
  9. The youth are the future of our city. What are your plans to service the youth?
  10. What makes you the better candidate to be mayor of the City of Hudson?
See Victor's answers here
See Hallenbeck's answers here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rogovoy Reports on Town Hall Meeting

Seth Rogovoy on his Rogovoy Report has done an in depth analysis of Victor's town hall meeting and his positions on Hudson's future. This is by far the most extensive reporting and analysis of Victor's vision for the city.

Read the full report on the Rogovoy Report.

Victor Calls for Action on the Waterfront and Redevelopment on Columbia Street

David Lee - Register-Star
The Register-Star today reported on Victor's town hall meeting on Saturday, moderated by Francesca Shanks.

In it, the paper outlines Victor's plan for moving forward on Hudson's waterfront and revitalizing Columbia Street, among other issues.

The most curious part of the article in was when "Hallenbeck called Mendolia’s decision to send the invitation to his work email “inappropriate.”

In a previous article in the Register-Star from October 15th "Hallenbeck said he never received any formal invitation from Mendolia to [debate]".

So whether the invitation is made by the paper of record and the community radio station in Hudson, or his opponent invites him directly at his official email address, apparently any invitation to discuss the issues in front of the voters is "inappropriate" to Mayor Hallenbeck.

Read the full article in the Register-Star

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Desperate Man's Only Campaign Issue

"My opponent has AIDS".

Bubbling just beneath the surface of this year's campaign for Mayor in Hudson has been Mayor Hallenbeck's surrogates raising questions about my health due to my HIV+ status and trashing me for accessing disability benefits for which I am legally and legitimately qualified. Up until now, I had no indication that the Mayor was actually driving this.

I have just received the following email from an employee at Providence Hall, a building in the 2nd Ward for seniors and the disabled:
Hey Victor,

Just want to let you know that Hallenbeck has told a Schuyler Court resident that you have aids. The residents at Providence Hall told me he was here last night to speak and told them also that you have aids and that you are on disability. He also told them since he was a police officer years ago, that he got lots of information on you and that they would be shocked if they knew what you did. So he is spreading this crap. What a jerk he is.

I think he is a disgusting man and I just wanted to let you know what he is doing. My co worker heard about this and told him that she is not going to vote for him because he has no right to discuss information like that with other people. But he still seems to be spreading this information.

I am going to give him a piece of my mind also, believe me. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

I believe that the Mayor thinks that he can win this race by avoiding the issues and raising questions about my health and abilities. Having struggled for almost 25 years with HIV, life has, admittedly been extremely difficult at times, but with the help of my fellow HIV/AIDS activists, the miracle of science has brought my health to the point of stability. In the past year my HIV viral load has become undetectable and I am ready to take the next step in my life; serving the citizens of Hudson.

I do not see my health struggle as a disadvantage. To the contrary, I see it as something which enables me to see more clearly, the obstacles that others face. Hudson is an amalgamation of many things. We are a city facing new prosperity after a long decline. We are a city of rich and poor and of able bodied people along with the elderly, sick and differently abled. That is why I recently joined the board of the AIDS Council of Northeastern NY and why I have met with many of Hudson's service providers in many fields. To better understand what is working for Hudson's residents and what isn't. My experience and my search for solutions gives me insight into the struggles that many people face. Insight which, in my opinion, my opponent does not possess.

The people of Hudson will decide whether they believe that I am the better choice to lead the city.I ask Hudson residents to compare our plans for the city.
My agenda for Hudson can be found here.
To see Mr Hallenbeck's plan, it is all of twelve sentences, go here and click on "Priorities". 

Rather than falling prey to the kind of negative innuendo characteristic of negative campaigning I ask the people of Hudson to notice which plan is detailed and specific. Notice which plan is more in line with the vision you have for Hudson. My plan includes redevelopment plans for our blighted neighborhoods to drive down property taxes, real solutions we can all support for our waterfront, green initiatives to reduce our energy use in municipal buildings and for residents, job training and education programs and more. The Mayor's includes justification for barring access to the North Bay and a plan to build a multi story parking garage on Columbia Street and not much else, all without any details.

I will be holding a town hall style meeting this Saturday Oct 26th at 2pm. The meeting will be held at the former Charles Williams School at North 3rd Street and Robinson Streets. The meeting will be co-moderated by Francesca Shanks, current editor at The Berkshire Eagle and former city editor of the Register-Star and Greg Mosley. It will follow the League of Women Voters format. The moderators will accept questions from citizens beginning at 1:45 pm.

Please join me and come with your questions.

Victor Mendolia
Democratic candidate for Mayor

For more information join the Facebook event or see previous post.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Town Hall Meeting Scheduled

Victor Mendolia, Democratic Candidate for Mayor of the City of Hudson has scheduled a town hall style meeting in place of a debate, since Republican incumbent William Hallenbeck Jr. has rejected numerous offers to debate.

Hallenbeck chose not to participate in a debate which was to be sponsored by the Register-Star and WGXC. Since Mendolia believes that the voters deserve the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates on the issues that are important to them, he will be holding a town hall meeting in place of the Mayoral debate. 

The meeting will take place on Saturday Oct 26th at 2pm in the auditorium of the newly renovated Second Ward LLC (the former Charles Williams School). The town hall meeting will be moderated by Francesca (Olsen) Shanks, current editor at The Berkshire Eagle and former city editor of the Register-Star and Greg Mosley. Written questions will be accepted from audience members which will be sorted and asked by the moderators.

Mr. Mendolia commented "I am thrilled to be holding this Town Hall meeting in the 2nd Ward, an area of the city which is often the forgotten Ward of Hudson. I look forward to seeing people from all over Hudson join us in the 2nd Ward where I live, for this meeting to discuss Hudson's future."

Should he change his mind, the town hall meeting remains open to Mr. Hallenbeck, who has been formally invited to participate. Mr. Mendolia said, "I hope that the Mayor will reconsider and allow the public to compare our visions and our plans for the city. But either way, I will be there ready to share my thoughts and hear from the public about their concerns." 

What: Town hall style meeting with Democratic candidate for Mayor Victor Mendolia (Mayor Hallenbeck has been invited to participate)

When: Saturday October 26th at 2pm. Written questions will be accepted starting at 1:45 pm

Where: Second Ward LLC (the former Charles Williams School) Auditorium, 71 North 3rd Street at the corner of Robinson Street Map

Read more: 
Register-StarRogovoy Report and Gossips of Rivertown and Register-Star Editorial

Join the Facebook event for updated information

Monday, October 14, 2013

No Vision, Empty Promises, No Debate About It

In the past few weeks a number of people have been working feverishly to put all of the logistics together to host a Mayoral debate in Hudson. The Register-Star, WGXC Radio, Martin AV Services and a number of individuals have all been working in concert to allow the voters to hear from and speak with the candidates who wish to lead Hudson as Mayor.

The location was set, the debate would have been broadcast over the radio and streamed live to the web. I was asked if I would participate, to which I responded that I would debate any place, anytime with any format. 

The only thing holding things up was Mayor Hallenbeck, who could not decide whether he would do it or not. It now appears that he will not.

It is incredibly disappointing that Mayor Hallenbeck has refused to participate in such a well organized and needed debate. All elected officials should face their constituents and make the case for their reelection. But his refusal really comes as no surprise. The Mayor has no plan for Hudson's future and has no record of success to stand on. Not wanting to further expose his lack of vision and the lackluster record of his first term any further publicly, makes perfect sense. It's just more of the same.

The Mayor has done nothing to unlock our waterfront's potential. Instead of more access to the waterfront, he brought us a fenced off Fugary and a fenced off cement plant with no plan for the future and no access. Wasted potential and wasted time.

While the tax burden continues to drive residents away and hold back development, the Mayor trumpets a 0% tax increase which was nothing more than a shell game based on "anticipated revenue" from the sale of properties which never happened. His 0% percent increase was really a $300,000 hole in the budget. But he won't talk about that until after Election Day. All this while he gives sweetheart deals to wealthy developers of questionable ability and questionable motive. 

Even though it has been known for months that Garth Slocum, Hudson's Sole Assessor would not be reappointed, Hallenbeck has done nothing to bring someone new (and better) on. All at a critical time when every taxpayer must reregister to keep their STAR exemption and right before seniors and the disabled must provide their updated documentation. This is a fiasco waiting to happen, and it will only hurt our frailest neighbors. 

Later this month he will also will have no one in the Code Enforcement Office. Given the code issues surrounding building, renovation, plumbing, and quality of life issues like garbage and sidewalks that Code Enforcement is responsible for, our poorly enforced code will have no one enforcing it. The Mayor and his administration are asleep at the wheel or completely missing in action.

But where he has failed most of all, is addressing the issues facing residents of the neglected and forgotten wards on the North side. The people who live in the most underserved areas of the city have been watching while the Mayor (who hasn't been seen in these parts of town since campaigning here two years ago) scrambles to make it look like he has done something to help break the cycle of poverty, crime, addiction and despair. But they know, we know, that he has done absolutely nothing to change their neighborhood or to improve their lives. But they will not be fooled again.

So it is not surprising that he would not want to be further exposed in public, where his lack of vision and poor leadership skills would have been even more obvious than they are already. With so little to stand on, I get why he has chosen not to debate. But will the public accept this disregard and disrespect? Time will tell.

I look forward to meeting with and hearing from all of Hudson's citizens. I will be announcing plans shortly for a Town Hall meeting to take the place of the debate which the Mayor has declined. I encourage people to attend and let your voice be heard, so that we can continue making Hudson more sustainable and more respectful, where each person's contribution is appreciated and honored.

Victor Mendolia
Candidate for Mayor
Democratic/Working Families

Read more in Register-Star and Register-Star Editorial

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hudson's Needs Are Victor's Top Priorities

As the campaign moves into high gear, Victor is hitting the streets with campaign literature explaining his positions and plans for Hudson.

Check out the new palm card that went to press today.

As we move into the most crucial month of the campaign, 
please consider making a contribution of any amount.

Make it your contribution to a better Hudson.
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